- Francis W. Perry, Barrington, NS Canada -

Welcome to FWPerry Creative Projects. Since retiring from being a high school guidance counsellor and teacher, I've had more time to "be creative" in a variety of ways.

I've always been a writer and at one time having a regular column in the local newspaper. Using the same title as my old column, I moved it online, and on an irregular basis I post an opinion blog ("web log"). Please check it out, and leave a comment on any of the articles. Past articles can be seen in the Archives section. Haven't been posting as much lately, but there are a lot of archived articles that you might find interesting.

With the time available in retirement, I also completed my first novel, and published it in October 2010. You can check out Approaching Storm on the Storm Novels site, and see some of the many comments I've received on the book. If it catches your interest, you can also order a copy from that site. Several readers suggested a sequel to the book, so in November 2011 the sequel Storm Passing came out. Check it out as well. It can be read by itself, but it's even better to get to know the characters in Approaching Storm first. I combined the two novels as the "Storm Novels" and combined the sites. Clicking on either book will take you to it.

While publishing my novels, I learned the techniques needed to self-publish a quality book. Do you have something that you would like to see in print? It could be a book that you know people would be interested in reading, or something you know family and friends would like to have in a permanent form— family stories and memories? I can assist you to get it published, from taking the raw materials to the day you have your book in your hand.

I've done web pages for decades, and occasionally continue that work, though mainly now for non-profit situations, or family needs. This site, of course, is my own work.

Read my Blog, read my novels, or if I can help you with publishing in book form or on the Internet, please contact me!


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